A Fortunate Blizzard, L.C. Chase

A fortunate blizzardRating:  4 Stars

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Genre: Gay Romance

Tags: Artist on Dialysis,  Lawyer Workaholic, Contemporary, Christmas Setting, Insta-Love, Sweet   

Length: 175 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At: amazon.com, Riptide Publishing 


Artist Trevor Morrison has always appreciated the little things in life, treating each day as a gift. And with good reason: he’s been on the transplant-recipient list for too long now. When he learns just how numbered his days truly are, he resolves not to take them for granted. But he won’t be unrealistic, either—which means romantic commitments are off the table.

Marcus Roberts seems to have it all. He’s handsome, financially sound, and on the fast track to partnership at a prestigious law firm. In reality, though, his drive for success has meant no time for friends or relationships. Add in the fact that his family discarded him long ago, and he’s facing yet another holiday season alone.

When the biggest snowstorm to hit Colorado in decades leaves Marc and Trevor stranded at the same hotel, a chance encounter and a night of passion leads to more than either of them expected. Finding comfort in each other is a welcome surprise, but time is not on their side. Either they find a way to beat the odds, or they lose each other forever.

My Review:

There are few things in life as transcendent as that one perfectly random connection with another human being that has the power to change the course of one’s life.

Trevor is thirty nine, an artist, and on dialysis. He hasn’t been able to find an organ donor as A Fortunate Blizzard Quote 1 his O- negative blood makes him a complicated  match. After seven years on dialysis his time is running out. Unless something miraculous happens his prognosis is, at most, twelve months to live. He has no time for romance – he has regular treatment, he probably isn’t going to live past his fortieth birthday. While his libido has been impacted, it would be nice to have romance, but he doesn’t want to bring someone into his ill health and to leave them behind when he passes. 

Trevor is going home to spend his last Christmas with his loving, supportive and largish family.  He was adopted, as are all his siblings, but they’re tightknit and his mum devastated to find out that Trevor may be coming off dialysis some time soon. That none of them can help as donors.  No one wants to bury their child before they pass.  

Marc is a high-powered lawyer who works, works, works and then works some more. All work and no play… is a saying written for Marc. He doesn’t go out for drinks with the office staff. His family disowned him when he was eighteen, but he hopes if he becomes the best lawyer, a partner at his firm, it will somehow appease his mother and he’ll be accepted again. So Marc works his arse off and has no time for friends, fun, or life in general. Kate, his colleague at the law firm and someone who cares about Marc in spite of his aloofness, insists that he goes home early on Christmas Eve. That he do a few things that make him connect with the season and life in general.

There’s a blizzard in Colorado – the “Fortunate” one of the title – and both Trevor and Marc A Fortunate Blizzard Quote 2are stranded, Trevor because his flight is cancelled and Marc because his car is snowed in  on the road. Both men are ushered to the nearest packed-out hotel and – voila! – they meet. Neither are looking for love, although they really are, both have their pain, their eyes meet across the bar, they each find the other man attractive, and things heat up from there. Trevor can’t get a room but Marc has one, and that room comes in mighty handy.

There are many things to enjoy about A Fortunate Blizzard. Trevor and Marc are very likeable individually. Together they’re a nice fit. You get two points of view and know each man’s thoughts. I don’t mind insta-love in the right book and it works well here – the book is only 175 pages and some events need to occur quickly. The sex is more love-making and emotion-driven than hard and furious which is in keeping with the characters and the premise.



A Fortunate Blizzard is my first book back after over two months of a forced hiatus from A Fortunate Blizzard Quote 6reading, amongst other things, and it was a nice way to ease back in. The MCs are very likeable. Despite the issue of renal failure and dialysis, the book is never bleak. Sure, there are a few moments that tug at the heartstrings, but it’s really quite an uncomplicated and sweet book. If you like the idea of two people finding one another when they need each other the most, I recommend A Fortunate Blizzard. 4 Stars! 

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Review copy provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.



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What a great review for what I can tell is a nice story. I believe I’d have a sweet spot for Trevor.

I love the GIFs, pics and quotes. 😀

Welcome back, Kazza!


Really great review, Kazza! This book is on my TBR and I’m definitely looking forward to reading it when it comes out! 😀


Woo Hoo, it’s excellent to see you back lovely and what a lovely review too! Sounds like nice read to ease back in and can I get some tips where you get your GIFS 😉

Lisa H
Lisa H

Welcome back, Kazza. 🙂 Enjoyed your review and the lovely pics. 🙂 I am definitely going to pre-order this one. My tbr pile continues to grow out of control. 😀