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Webcam Interview with Eric Arvin

Eric Arvin kindly agreed to do a webcam interview with Cindi for On Top Down Under’s one year Blogversary. Click here for the full interview.

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Eric and Tj

By now it’s common knowledge that Eric Arvin is going through some serious health issues at the moment. We have watched it play out on Facebook and have stalked Tj Klune’s page as we’ve waited for updates. Hundreds of us have donated to the Eric Arvin Support Fund and have sent countless prayers up for Eric, Tj and their families. We have cried along with Tj as we have read his words and watched him on video.

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Interview With Devon McCormack

Recently I had the pleasure of discovering a new author, Devon McCormack, and his kinky-arsed, erotic book, Clipped. I have to say I love finding new authors, especially when they can write, and Devon McCormack can definitely write. Will it be for everyone? Well, if you like erotic LGBTQ writing then possibly yes. It has a really interesting plot, plenty of action and sex. It isn’t the ‘expected’ M/M fare. But the characters are terrific and the reviews I have read are very much in the positive. Everyone seems to be asking for more. So, with that intro I would like to welcome Devon McCormack to On Top Down Under Book Reviews.

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