White Wolf (The Complete Series), K. Matthew

White Wolf Complete SeriesRating: 3 Stars

Publisher: K. Matthew

Genre: Gay Paranormal Erotica

Tags: Menage – M/M, M/M/M, M/M/M/M, Anthology, BDSM, Erotica, Shifters, Multiple Partners, Forced Sexual Situations, Pain, Substantial Age Difference

Length: 145 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

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The complete White Wolf series, a racy gay werewolf erotica drenched in BDSM goodness. Follow Richard on his introduction to the rough life of forced werewolf mating. He is chosen to become a werewolf because he appears strong, but what lies inside of him is so much more. 

This bundle includes Books 1 – 10 


 This review is a bit spoilerish.

My Review –

This review is for all ten shorts, though each story is also sold individually.White Wolf 4

Not long ago, I read His Emo Servant by this author. Like His Emo Servant, White Wolf is a collection of shorts – short paragraphs really – that are compiled into one long story. While I could never say the writing was exceptional in either story, I did get sucked in immediately within the first few pages. There are serious editing issues throughout. The words phallus and manhood are extremely overused. None of the characters are really likable, with the exception of a couple of secondary characters. So why do I get sucked into this author’s work? Because he/she definitely writes kink well. Sometimes I have to step outside of my little reading box and read something a little more hardcore. K. Matthew is now my go-to for that.

Richard has been sent to live with his grandmother after getting into some trouble with his parents. Living out in the woods after living in the city is a major adjustment for Richard but he adapts to the hard work of chopping wood and taking care of his grandmother’s various animals and her property. What he doesn’t know is that he’s being watched. In a matter of days, Richard will be kidnapped, tied up and have sex forced on him by several werewolves men over the next month.  Richard’s age is never given in the book (that I recall) but it’s pretty obvious that he is quite young – 18, maybe?

While sitting with his grandmother one evening, they hear a sound outside. After being guilted into walking outside to check, Richard is surrounded by wolves and forced deep into the woods. There is no escaping and Richard goes along in hopes of being able to make an escape soon. What he finds when he gets to the final destination shocks Richard to the core. At the entrance of a large cave, the wolves all turn into human men. Werewolves. He is immediately pushed into the cave and chained to a wall. 

Leash and CollarJackson is the alpha of the pack. Much older than Richard (again, the age not given), he makes it clear what his – and the pack’s – intentions are. Richard was chosen to become part of the pack and he will from here on out be loyal to his leader and the other wolves of the pack. But first he is to be seeded, first by Jackson and over the next month by every man in the pack (there are 5 total) with the exception of Orion,  Jackson’s beta. Orion has been ordered to stay away from Richard completely – no touching, no fucking, no anything except one part of the seeding ritual. At the end of each forced encounter, the others (who all watch) stroke themselves to completion all over Richard’s body. Of course, Orion is the one who Richard ultimately wants (once he discovers his love of gay sex anyway).

For someone to be “seeded” they must first be fucked by the alpha, as the alpha’s sperm releases the “werewolf virus”.  Later, the other men take their turns with Richard (again, minus Orion) and by the time the next full moon comes around Richard will be ready to turn into a werewolf as the seeding (sperm of all the men) has combined and made Richard just like them.  Only when the next full moon arrives, things don’t go quite as planned for Jackson. With Richard’s shift, he doesn’t quite become like the others. He becomes what is known as the “White Wolf”. A white wolf is legendary and quite rare, as the semen from a white wolf will make any other werewolf capable of shifting on days/nights outside of the full moon. The white wolf is also capable of shifting at any time. This is not the case with the others and the only time they are able to shift into werewolf form is under the light of the full moon each month.

There is an interesting cast of characters. Jackson, the alpha, is all about control. When he discovers that Richard isRichard and Orion different and not the wolf he had hoped to create, he doesn’t handle it well and forces his dominance on Richard even more. Orion, the beta, is Jackson’s man (wolf?) and is next in line to be alpha if anything should ever happen to Jackson. Orion, I liked. It’s obvious from before the kidnapping of Richard that Orion wants him but he knows it will not be possible because Jackson, to prove his power over the beta, has made it clear that Orion is to stay away. Then there is Adam, who is okay for the most part, though not a very likable guy. Rubio is a dominant jerk who takes pleasure in causing pain and humiliating the omega (and Richard) at every turn. He’s very forceful when he has sex with Richard, in hopes of causing him pain. Samuel is the omega and much smaller than all the others. He’s loyal to Jackson but is starving for attention (the good kind). He is bullied at every turn and my heart broke for Samuel constantly. All he wants is to be treated like the others but that has not been the case since the death of the previous alpha.

The werewolf virus spreads throughout Richard’s body and the formerly straight male is constantly wanting to be taken. While the first few instances are most definitely rape, the more he is taken by the wolves (in human form) he wants it more and more. This increases even more the closer they get to the next full moon.

There are escape attempts by Richard and after one, he ends up on the property of another pack and this does not go well for him, especially once he is rescued by Jackson’s pack.

Added by me 01112014I enjoyed this for the most part with a few exceptions. I expected the forced sexual situations and those didn’t bother me. What did was the ending. A lot happens over the month that Richard is held captive by Jackson and his pack and I was really into all of that. There is a build-up with the white wolf thing and I was eager to see what would happen later. However, I feel let down by the way everything played out. I want to know what will happen later, not left to assume that everything works out.  If I knew for a fact that another book was out or being written to continue this story, I would be all over it. At the moment, I’m feeling quite let down. Otherwise, a good story.

If you are offended by forced sexual situations and a bit of BDSM and kink, avoid this one. Nothing is glossed over as far as what Richard is forced to endure early on, nor is some of the violence that Jackson forces on another of the wolves in the form of punishment.


White Wolf

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Kazza K

Holy shit! Is there a review in here because I am mesmerised by pictures. .Just kidding. Great review, this sounds like an interesting read but shame about the ending. I hate things hanging like that. Maybe there is more. I hope so for your reading sake and so I can get some more pics and that GIF… yowzers, Cindi. Mmm