Two Point Conversion, Mercy Celeste

Two Point ConversionRating: 2 Stars

Publisher: Self Published

Genre:  Gay Erotica

Tags: Twincest, Jocks, Contemporary Setting

Length:  120 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

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The Blurb:


On his 19th birthday Kyle Beauchamp gets the surprise of his life—a make out session in the back of the bus. With his wide receiver.

Kevin Beauchamp loves two things, football and Kyle. After a rough game and a discreet blow job in the back of the bus, Kevin’s life will never be the same. But the love of his life is straight, and off limits in more ways than one.

When Kyle returns his feelings, Kevin has to decide if a few nights of intense passion is worth destroying their future. He knows one thing—loving his twin might be wrong, but losing Kyle would be like losing the other half of his soul

The Review:

I’ll start by saying that one of the things I have always loved about Mercy Celeste’s writing is the passion. The characters – whether I love them or hate them – have always inspired passion from me. The sex is passionate and her books always storytelling more than just reading. She pushes boundaries, I know some may not have liked them, but I always have –  you’ll find them on this blog and my Books of the Year lists. This book pushed no boundaries, not even taboo. The sex didn’t inspire me. That shocked me as Mercy Celeste writes THE best sex in any romance genre. 

This novella is not passionate. The characters lack depth. The erotic content is not nearly as erotic as Beyond Complicated, Under a Crescent Moon or, say, Six Ways From Sunday, to name a few. I put this down for a while, but as a Goodreads friend pointed out it is short. So I finished, but without much enthusiasm.

Kyle and Kevin, right, I really don’t like characters starting with the same initial (I kept forgetting who was talking, same initials, same voice…), are nineteen year old twins who have the hots for one another. Kevin is gay, Kyle isn’t. Hmm, that changed quickly. But, wait! The whole story is in the blurb – and tons of other twincest books – so there is no point in me saying much because there really isn’t much of a story. Nineteen year olds fucking, evil female cheerleader, who was not at all fleshed out, evil parent, accepting parent. Some friends. Plenty of “unexpected” gay characters. This book is clear cut – good people, bad people and mediocre sex. 

If you like the twincest subgenre, Two Point Conversion is not a bad read. If you like more depth and, like me, expect more from this author, and I always do, then you may also feel disappointed.


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I hate this one didn’t work for you. I know your love of the author’s work. 🙁