The Pro, D J Manly

The ProRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Genre:  Gay Romance

Tags: Rent Boy, Cop, Investigation

Length:  187 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

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Two of my favourites in one book, rent-boy and a cop. Really well written and a damn good read.



This was an excellent read. I’ve read three rent-boy books in as many days. This one is the best hands down.

Zach is an emotionally burnt out cop attached to the SFPD, who drinks  too much, mornings included, and is obsessed with putting away a man responsible for his waking and sleeping nightmares of a four year old girl that was left for dead and he couldn’t save. His ‘work’ obsession has ended his previous relationship with his partner, Peter, and he’s lonely, sexually frustrated, with attitude to back it up.

Lee is a $2,000 a night hooker whose client base is obviously wealthy, including some shady and/or high profile men. Lee has all types and one of the interesting things about this book is observing him in business mode with them. I liked Lee, he’s a pretty decent guy who looks at what he does as a form of social work, with good pay. One of his regular clients, Daniel Labeau, fits into the shady category and is the man Zach has been obsessed about putting away for the little girl’s death. Lee is starting to get edgy about his job because the word whore starts being bandied about more often now, and he gets shaken up at a client’s house one night as well.

Because Zach is constantly on Labeau’s case he spots Lee whilst with Labeau and coerces him into being his insider. Lee isn’t too keen but he’s less keen on Zach’s threats to be purposely indiscreet about Lee with Lee’s clients, which will effectively leave him a pariah without work.

The dialogue is so good in this book, the snarky Zach and sexy Lee go at it and eventually become lovers, and, my lord, isn’t that steamy. The crime component to the book is excellent; I feel the sex to plot ratio is perfect. The storyline is insta-attraction, but you do get to see a development of the MC’s relationship and they don’t jump into bed together straight away. I also liked the realistic thoughts by Lee about his clients – some have small penises, one is overweight and living at home with mother, one is dying, some are attractive, some not so much, and so on. Some rent-boy books are all about how wonderful/gorgeous every client is.

I love cop books, I love rent-boy books, although it’s hard to get a good one, and this one has both in a well written package, complete with delicious protagonists. It’s such a good read and kept me turning the Kindle pages to see what was going to happen next. The Pro is highly recommended reading.

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