Temptation, Lee Brazil

TemptationRating: 3.5 Stars

Publisher: Breathless Press

Genre: Gay Romance

Tags: Ménage, Contemporary 

Length: 76 Pages 

Reviewer: Kazza K

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Partial Blurb:

After a hot interlude at a holiday party, Lake Wynters and Solomon Arsdale exchange phone numbers but not promises. Lake is fine with that until something happens he’s never experienced. As days pass without Solomon calling, Lake discovers he just can’t forget the sexy older man. Giving in to temptation, he takes matters into his own hands and visits Solomon at his office, breaking his own dating rules.

Waiting in Solomon’s office, Lake is shaken to the core by how much Solomon’s acknowledgement of their encounter means to him, and how much more he wants it to lead to.

But when the door he’s eagerly watching opens, it brings new temptation in the form of Adonis Kosmias. Adonis isn’t anything like Solomon. Not many would call him beautiful. His features are too harsh, his body too angular. But he moves with fluid grace and his hair falls in perfect waves and his eyes sparkle with warmth. From the first touch of his hand Lake is thrown into even greater confusion. So distracted by Adonis’s touch is he, that when Solomon finally makes an appearance, their hands are still clasped.

Meeting Solomon again while holding hands with another man wasn’t in Lake’s plan. Neither was anything that happened afterward.


My Review:

Okay, that is a hell of a blurb in and of itself so I’ll just add some thoughts and quotes.

Temptation is an interesting novella and the reason for that is there is more introspection from the only POV, Lake Wynters’. Good that it was his POV because without it he may well have appeared one dimensional and, quite honestly, vapid. I don’t like shallow, vain people and you often get that when the word model is bandied around – and Lake is a model. Yes, Lake likes nice clothes and to spend money, he likes his heels, but so do I and I’m not a model. But, here’s what I liked: Lake was not a stereotype. Yes, he had his moments, but Lee Brazil walked a good line with the   characterisation of the primary MC. The author also showed Lake’s doubts and insecurities. We all have them, makes us human. So, Lake was indeed human, and I liked it.

Lake Wynters – his parent’s were hippies – is a model who is at a Christmas party where he spies and hooks up with a sexy silver fox, Solomon. He writes his number on Solomon’s palm with eyeliner and Solomon gives him a business card. Two weeks have passed and Solomon hasn’t called Lake back so he decides to do something he rarely has to do, chases him up. When Lake turns up at Solomon’s workplace things aren’t quite what he thinks they will be. 

Solomon is in a relationship with Adonis. They do spice up their sex life with another guy, individually or together, but only one date. When Lake thinks he is meeting ‘sexy silver fox’ again, he actually encounters his partner, Adonis, first. When he discovers Solomon is in a relationship he’s concerned about everything –

“Why are you not pissed?

“Because sex with other guys isn’t cheating in our relationship.”

“One time,” Adonis continued when Solomon stopped. “It’s not cheating because it’s just sex. There’s no emotion involved. But there are no second dates.” He stared at me intently, as though that should be significant.

“So, when I sucked him off in the hotel, that wasn’t cheating for you?” Why couldn’t it be that easy for me? 

But no matter what, Lake is attracted to Solomon and Adonis.  Solomon likes Lake. Likes him a lot. Thinks Adonis might too and that this could be more than ‘one date.’ Adonis does like him. Lake doesn’t know what this all means for a while. He has moments where he walks in and out on the couple because he feels like a third wheel, like they love each other and, while the sex is hot, he doesn’t want to be used while his feelings grow.  Lake is someone who likes to overanalyse as well but a photo is a catalyst for some positive change.


Temptation is a ménage, but has a slightly different spin on it. The sex is hot but it has a good sex to plot ratio. There is no sex-saturation that can occur in a few ménage books. I would have given Temptation more stars if it had given me more on Adonis and Solomon. All I can tell you about them is they were a good couple. Older than Lake. Successful and wealthy, but I can’t tell you quite how long they had been together or what they did for a living. Maybe I missed something. No matter, I liked it, but I just know I would have liked it even more if the book was longer and the other two MC’s were painted more vividly. Apart from that, no issues, it was an enjoyable read and enough to make me pick up more books by Lee Brazil.   

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This looks like a really good short. Hot but with an actual story going on in the background. I can see where you would want more in regards to Adonis and Solomon.

I’ve always enjoyed this author’s work so I’ll have to check this one out.

Great review, as always.


Sign me up for a menage. I like those odds and gimme that silver fox 😉