Night of the Werecock (The Graves Delight #1), Rosemary Cross

Night of the WerecockRating: 4 Werecockery Stars

Publisher: Rainbow Trail Press

Tags: Gay, Menage of Many Male Bodies, Paranormal, Humour, Erotica

Length:  15 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At: Rainbow Trail Press



Some fun, some sexy M/M ménage, some Werecockery. You know what you’re likely up for with this title.






I found Night of the Werecock because of my home page feed on Goodreads. Someone had read it and thought it was okay. The title intrigued me and it was free. Thanks to Rosemary Cross for that one. It also sounded funny, even though a few people seemed to be taking the book seriously… What do you want from a book titled Night of the Werecock? James Joyce? Then there would be complaints of the boring writing, (joke, people. Joke) The book is irreverent, which meant Werecock and I were always going to get along. I’m an Australian we are, by our very nature, an irreverent bunch.


My son and I had a heart to heart the other day. It was about me not writing reviews on books that are short and seem more porn that plot. My son said “mum if they write a good story, no matter whether it be mainly sex or not, you should review it.” He’s right! Sex scenes are hard to write. I don’t write but I read enough to know there are some writers who get it so right and others who shouldn’t bother. They single-handedly pour freezing water over the hottest of flames. If that’s how they think sex is then they’re doing it all wrong or have researched the wrong porn. Come to me. I’ll point, you whistle 🙂 Back to the review.


The first time it happened was the full moon after I let Randy, a boy I sucked off a few times, come over for “old time’s sake.” the sex had been…different. Decent for once. More wild than you’d expect from a kid like Randy, who was always a bit timid when it was time to get naked. I mean he bent me over the bed and held me down and I just let him because who am I to stand in the way of a man with a mission?


Who indeed? And so it begins for  the book’s MC, Jeff, after Randy takes a chunk out of his shoulder during their wild sex –


“Trust me. You’ll thank me later.”


What Jeff doesn’t know is he’s now  a Werecock. Until that fateful night when his cock-monster starts the transformation and ramps Jeff up from a size five, and a mild-mannered young circumcised Jewish lad, to a mouth-filling (and other parts)  thirteen inch whopper of a foreskin-Werecock. Thank goodness he had his gay-friendly fraternity brothers. First and foremost there’s Aiden, who Jeff has wanted since he can remember – 

“What’s going on, man?”Do you need an ambulance?”


“No…I don’t know. My pants.”

“What’s wrong with your pants?”…Aiden still sounded alarmed.

“Too tight.”

“Okay, but if this is just a trick to get me to touch your junk…”

“Give me a break.”


Confession: I really wanted to give Aiden an excuse to touch my junk.


Aiden tore my fly open, earning my undying devotion….


“Oh, fuck.”


Not exactly the sort of reaction that inspires tranquillity, you know?

“What the fuck is that?”


Equally disheartening




Right word, very wrong context.


“Oh my God”


Also a reaction I would normally be proud to hear.


So Aiden, along with his fraternity brothers – Chris, who knows how to work a Werecock scene, Caleb, Tyler and Logan all cum to the rescue to help a guy and his throbber out.


Jeff, when in Werecock form, channels his inner Javier, because Jeff sure doesn’t act like a ‘Jeff ‘when he’s in the throes of Werecockery. So Javier and his throbbing ‘Meurice’ take over his own quieter Jeff.


It’s meant to be fun. It is. It’s meant to be kinky. But it’s also about Jeff liking Aiden and Aiden being there for him when he needed him most. I’ve read much more graphic sex, not to say there isn’t some action here, there is – multiple tongues, fingers and hands included. There most certainly is a good size multiple oral ménage scene. Except for the part where Jeff, aka Javier, gets it on with Aiden, there is no other penetration. Yes, I’m a big, kinky perv, I would have liked more penetration action. However, it is still very sexy and this little e-book, I think it’s about 15 pages or something equally as small, packs a lot of fun into it. So 4 stars from me and a request for some more in this series from Rosemary Cross.


PS:  If you don’t like M/M ménage then perhaps don’t read it. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s for you.


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