Marcario – Mystery of the Masked Menage, Cain Towers


MarcarioRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Penrose Publishing

Genre: Bi Erotic Thriller

Tags: Bi-Erotica, Menage, Male Escort/Rentboy, Mystery/Suspense, Short Story

Length: 29 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

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At six foot six of solid Greek muscle and with a full eleven inches of raw talent, bisexual escort Marc is in high demand. When a last minute booking request comes in from an enigmatic and wealthy couple, Marc does not hesitate to accept. Yet as the evening progresses Marc finds himself not only in regret of accepting this particular assignment, he finds himself in fear of his very life.

‘Marc ran from the house with blood in his eyes. He could feel no pain, yet knew his injury was bad. He sprinted across the gravel driveway completely naked save for the noose still tied around his neck.’

So begins this racy 8,000 word story containing masks, blindfolds, rope, hooded strangers, a hot tub, a knife and an explicit MMF threesome involving two men and one very lucky and mysterious woman.


Marcario (Marc – to everyone), is a popular high-paid escort. At 6’6″, he’s well in demand. He’s Greek, he’s gorgeous, and he has an eleven-inch cock. No, that is not a typo. *grin* After a trip on holiday to visit his family in Greece, he still has a few days left before he has to officially go back to work. But when the agency he works for asks him to do one particular job as soon as he gets back to the states, he can’t refuse. It’s in a wealthy area and he can only imagine the tip he’ll be getting.  He loves his job, so why not?

Marc is bi and willing to do anything and everything a client (or clients) ask of him. The kinkier the better, as he completely gets off on it. When he arrives at the huge house for his latest job, everything starts off great. Sure, the couple is a bit odd (to put it mildly). They are dressed in long robes and their faces are covered with masks. No big deal, right? He’s had stranger clients.  From swimming in a huge pool (at the request of the clients) to soaking in a hot tub while the couple – a young male and female still wearing masks – stroke and play with him. After the hot tub he’s taken on a more sexual journey with the couple. He’s allowed to fuck and be fucked, while doing his ‘job’ with both the woman and the man at the same time. Sure, he’s blindfolded but who doesn’t love a little kink?

He was under no illusion that he was anything other than a prostitute. Gigolo sounded better and escort sounded even better than that, but he was still just a whore.

Then things go terribly wrong for Marc. What starts off as a bit odd and extremely erotic suddenly turns sinister. And this is where I have to stop with my review because anything I say from here will tell way more than needs to be told. 

This is an amazing story. I went into it expecting a quickie erotica short with a bit of violence (re: the blurb) but it was so much more than that. Yes, it’s only 29 pages but those 29 pages? Just… wow. The sex is hot as hell. I like a good bi-erotica story on occasion, though good ones (to me) are few and far between. I also love a story with a bit of kink and horror. Marcario’s story had it all. The sex was beyond hot and I found myself turning the pages of my Kindle quickly to see what would be happening next. I was left at the end wanting more. This is one of those stories where the reader is left to wonder – to think – about specific things that happened in the story. I can use my imagination or hope the author gives us more of Marcario and this couple. Either way, I’m satisfied. A very entertaining – and sexy as hell – story.

Highly recommended if you love a good bi-erotica story. It’s only 29 pages or so but a lot is said in those few pages. I look forward to reading more by this author.


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Kazza K

It’s good to find something like this. A short gem of a story.