Lakeside Reunion, Liz Winters

Lakeside ReunionRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Liz Winters

Genre:  Gay Erotica

Tags: Ménage, Contemporary Setting

Length:  31 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At:, smashwords



Official Blurb:


Chris, Sean and Tim: three former college roommates who reunite for a relaxing weekend at a lake house. When they discover that they have all been hiding secrets, will the revelations damage their friendship or will sparks turn into flames at their lakeside reunion?


Chris has hired a cabin by a lake for a weekend reunion with his former roommate and college friend, Sean. Chris thinks it’s time to let him know that he is gay and show him how he feels. He didn’t want to acknowledge his sexuality in college. Sean had always thought Chris was straight, they even shared a woman together in a ménage that resulted in Sean and Chris kissing after the woman dared them in the middle of sex. Chris hasn’t been able to forget Sean and feels like he has missed out on something with him. The only fly in the ointment is that Sean turns up with another former roommate from college, Tim. Sean and Tim  share knowing glances and Chris wonders what that’s all about. Then, when allocating rooms, Sean fesses up that he and Tim won’t be needing separate rooms, they are a pair. Chris is disappointed and surprised but he is happy the guys have found one another.

On the first evening at the cabin Chris can hear the muted sounds of sex in the adjoining room, gets dressed and goes out onto the deck for some respite – while he’s happy for them, he would have liked to be in on the action. Well, lucky for Chris, this is erotica and it is billed as a ménage so guess what happens? Yes, Sean and Tim would like Chris in their bed with them as their third. While Sean is cautious at first, he is pretty easily convinced this sounds like a sexy idea. Of course, I agree with them 🙂

From here it is a fuck fest and, of course, one of them has a big tool – I mean Chis is no slouch with his uncut 7″ but Tim has a 9″ big-boy so, yeah….

The rest of the review will be pictures because a picture paints a thousand words, and I like review decorating.

Menage 9












Menage 2










Menage 17





This is a fun, light hearted gay ménage with a pleasant outcome and some decent character development. I didn’t have to think, I didn’t have to worry about PTSD or dramas, or people being blown up or a million names to remember. I just kicked back and enjoyed it. I liked my time spent peeking into a cabin with three guys going at it. Nice, quick, easy man-on-man-on-man lovin.’

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I LOVE your pictorial reviews. This looks like a hot little story. I do love a good menage.

The last pic is epic. 😉


I *almost* feel like I don’t even have to read the story, Kazza. 😉


Oh, absolutely. Your version, while intense, went by much too quickly. I expect 31 pages to add a bit more to the story for me. Still, don’t think I don’t appreciate your efforts.


I love this. I am still wondering how my blog looks in comparison now lol! But I may have to check this out. 🙂 Nice pictorial.