Inch by Inch (The Professor’s Rule #3), Heidi Belleau and Amelia C Gormley

Inch by InchRating: 4 ‘Ah’ Stars

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Genre:  Gay Romance

Tags: BDSM, Kink, Multi-Partners, Interracial Contemporary, Series

Length:  50 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

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The Official Blurb:

After two long, kink-free years apart, James Sheridan has reunited with his Professor: the sexy, dominant Evander Carson. But this time, things will be different. James is older, more sure of himself, and confident that he can draw the line between Carson’s demands and his own principles.

One of those lines is gorgeous menswear salesman Satish Malhotra. After their steamy dressing room encounter, James feels an unexpected connection to Satish, and he wants to explore it further. But Carson’s involvement—in James’s life, and in James and Satish’s budding relationship—complicates things.

Carson’s penchant for using other men in their sex games has always troubled James, and he’s adamant that Satish not be just another notch in their whipping post. But when Satish learns what prompted James to pursue him in the first place, will James’s new ability to draw the line even matter?


‘Ah’…My Review:


When Inch by Inch starts it is later the same day as Giving an Inch. James finds himself outside Professor Carson’s house unsure about what to expect. The light is on in the basement, he knows what that means, but how will it play out this time? He didn’t obey all of Carson’s rules in regards to the encounter in the dressing rooms with Satish. Will the Professor turn him away? Will he be punished heavily?-

…and James had a metric fuckton of reasons to worry about how this reunion would go.  

He does know he has to tell Carson that he doesn’t want Satish dragged into the games that he and Carson have played previously. It is one of the reasons he (feels he) left –

James had never felt guilty over using other men for his and the professor’s games, but it had never been like this. It had never felt like this.
After all, he’d never protested the game before.


The other conundrum is that James is going to have to fess up to Satish just where the motivation for the blowjob in the dressing room came from. Who the mystery person on the phone was, it wasn’t James’ sister.  How will Satish take it when he finds out it wasn’t just James and Satish in that dressing room, but a ‘director’ of the whole sexual encounter, too?

James and Satish have a date, things happen and the truth comes out. I wont go into it further than that.

I don’t totally agree with the part of the blurb that I have highlighted. James may be older in years – two years have passed since their prior relationship –  but he is not more confident or sure. If anything, James seems more confused and dogged by inner doubts. He also goes back to Carson, even though it may not be the right thing given something he feels he wants – to keep Satish out of the hands of Carson. He knows he finds it hard to say “no” to him.


What I liked about this book:

Professor Carson.

The dialogue. Particularly between James and Carson, minimalist though it may be –

Then Carson did kiss him, the merest whisper of his lips stoking his. “You needn’t ever feel that way again, my sweet. Whatever drove you from me, I swear to you there’s nothing we can’t work out between us if you’re willing to trust me.”

The BDSM. It isn’t ever particularly drawn out, each e-book is short.

The fact that the series can go in several different directions from here. I will say this, wherever it goes, wherever the authors take me, I shall follow gladly.

The writing is of a high standard, as always –

Once the interview was over, did he have any reason to come back?
Why did the idea of not returning to their games dissatisfy him every bit as much as the notion of making Satish the unknowing object of them?


It is sexy!!


James screamed and wept, his entire body limp and trembling, hanging loosely in the restraints as sweat poured off his skin.

He collapsed when Carson released him, and Carson fucked him right there where he fell, hard and fast, laying his body along James’s welted back while James screamed for an entirely different reason.  

I like it when books take me outside one partner. This series is not standard romance, it has a kink to it and the authors work it.

I feel like a lot is said without saying  much and I feel what James does and what he currently thinks is not necessarily how it really is. I think he is conditioned through his earlier dilemmas to think superficially. This is where Kazza goes into scary fictional characters are real mode. 


What didn’t work so well:

Inch by Inch felt like a bridging book to me. It could have been book #2 instead of book #3. 

I do love Carson, and here is where one of my biggest gripes comes from – I wanted more Carson. I understand why he was so enigmatic in book #1, not so much here. Okay, maybe I did, but I still wanted more of him. 



I would have loved more, but…I…Am…Hooked. I cannot wait for the next book to be released. One of my favourite series. Not much else to say…except    



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Each time you read one of these books I immediately get sucked into your review and want to jump into the series. Now I’m eager to see what happens next. 🙂

Great review and pics… as always.