His Roommate’s Pleasure, Lana McGregor

His Roommate's Pleasure 1Rating: 4 Stars

Publisher: Carina Press

Genre: Gay New Adult 

Tags: BDSM, Virgins, College Boys

Length: 84 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

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College student Adam is having computer problems at the worst possible time.  Twenty minutes until a assignment due has to be sent and he has no internet connection on his computer.  Knowing he has to meet the deadline, he takes a chance by logging into his roommate’s computer and sending it from there. Josh, Adam’s roommate, is out of the dorm room and hopefully Adam can do what he needs to do and get away from the borrowed computer before Josh returns.  He is just about to do just that when something pops on the screen and Adam is in for a shock.  Porn. Not just any porn but lots and lots of gay BDSM porn.  Unable to stop himself, Adam clicks one picture after another getting more and more aroused with each click of the mouse. 

The pictures were of guys.  They were of guys, and they were of guys in collars, and on their knees, and in handcuffs, and all of a sudden he was hard.

His fear of getting caught forgotten, Adam keeps looking at the photos even going so far as taking his cock out to relieve some pressure.  It’s that moment, with Adam’s cock out of his pants and being slowly stroked, that Josh walks into the room.  Panicking, Adam shoves himself back inside his pants and rushes out of the room.

Josh is a jock and has never given any indication that he might like guys.  But then again, Adam had a preconceived notion (thanks to bullying by jocks in high school) of how Josh would be if Adam’s sexuality was revealed so he never bothered to try to get to know him though Adam feels that his own sexuality should be glaringly obvious.  

He had a Fast and the Furious coaster on his desk, with Vin Diesel in a wifebeater on it.  He’d assumed he hadn’t needed to come out, because it was probably obvious from outer space that he liked dick.

Six months the two men have shared a dorm room but they know next to nothing about each other.  Never in his wildest dreams would Adam have guessed that Josh is gay.  

It wasn’t like he and Josh didn’t get along. They did, kind of, getting along meant not fighting all the time.  They didn’t fight over the bathroom, and Josh didn’t bring anyone back to the room for sex.  Josh was just everything Adam wasn’t: he’d had a letter jacket in high school, he rowed, he ran, he played baseball, and he went swimming every week.

Having rushed out without his wallet, Adam eventually has to go back to the dorm room of doom. How will Josh act about Adam snooping on his computer?  About what he found on his computer? Adam is terrified of what is awaiting him when he gets back. What he is not expecting is for Josh to offer to look at the pictures with Adam and to maybe explore and experiment by doing the same things depicted in the photos on Josh’s computer… with Adam.  Adam is definitely up for that plan… in more ways than one.  So from there a business-type relationship is born between the roommates.  Adam will be the sub while Josh will explore being a Dom.  Neither has any gay sexual experience with the exception of a fumbling kiss or two with a guy so the entire experience will be new for both.  Josh is deeply in the closet so everything will be confined to the dorm room behind a locked door. Before long, there are restraints, a whip, a paddle and even a collar and leash.  Adam is loving it. He has never dreamed he would wish to be dominated but it only takes one experience with Josh and he knows that he is a natural sub.  

He liked what they were doing right now, his ass red and stinging.  He liked being on his knees like this for Josh. He liked being dirty and being called good boy.

The leash held taut.  The collar around his neck.  The steady pulse of his erection as he crawled around their floor, Josh leading him by the leash.  He wasn’t sure he’d ever been this turned on, or been made to feel this dirty or this good.  Josh’s come was streaked across his face.


The more Josh dominates him the harder he gets.  Before long Adam’s feelings start to go beyond just sexual and he is wanting more from Josh.  The problem is keeping that tidbit of information to himself.  They have an arrangement and that’s that. No feelings. Just sex. Apparently Josh has other plans. 

But this was simply two like-minded guys finally getting to know each other, and also choosing to get it on.

No feelings to see here.


This is a sexy little story.  Josh’s jock friends come into play and not all in a good way. There is a slow build with the relationship betweenHis Roommate's Pleasure 2 Adam and Josh so nothing seems rushed even considering the length of the story.  There is a happy-for-now ending for these guys so I would be eager to see where they go from here.

Overall, a very enjoyable read.  The sex is hot and the interactions are typical of the ages of the main characters.  I enjoyed the slow build up and the fumbling as each “virgin” was learning what to do and what not to do when it came to sex and BDSM. The fact that these two virgins go from just wanting each other, both with no prior experience, to jumping into a BDSM relationship was interesting. Nothing came across as rushed and the author did not make it look like Adam and Josh went from shy virgins to BDSM experts.  Everything was written well.  

I will definitely be reading more by this author.  I love the cover.

A big thanks to my husband for finding the perfect picture for Adam after a lot of frustration on my part.



This book was provided by Net Galley and Carina Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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