His Emo Servant (The Complete Series), K. Matthew

His Emo Servant Complete SeriesRating: 4 Stars

Publisher: K. Matthew

Genre: Bi Erotica

Tags – Menage Variations – M/M, M/F, M/M/M/F, Anthology, Fetish/Kink, Heavy BDSM, Multiple Partners, Non-Con, Master/Slave, Pain/Torture, Substantial Age Difference

Length: 224 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

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This review contains spoilers and is very NSFW.




Alex was looking for a job, but what he finds is so much more.

His Emo Servant (The Complete Series) takes you on a hardcore BDSM journey like no other. Follow Alex as he unsuspectingly seeks employment from a wealthy dominating billionaire. Each day with Mr. Dacey takes him deeper and deeper into a lifestyle he never planned on experiencing. Emotions run high as the emo boy is tested beyond his limits. Will he crack under the pressure, or will his feelings for his boss and Master be enough to push him through extreme conditions of pain and pleasure?

This bundle includes Books 1 – 9:


Content warning: Contains explicit sexual activity, including: vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, and masturbation. All persons depicted in this story are at least 18 years of age. Themes in this book include domination, submission, spanking, orgasm control, boss and employee relationships, virginity, toy play, group sex, and cock and ball torture (not for the squeamish).


Emo 4The blurb pretty much says it all. The content warnings are there for a reason and if you are interested in reading this series of shorts, I suggest you look at them closely and keep in mind that while the warnings are in place, in no way do they accurately describe specific, disturbing aspects of this book. This is seriously hardcore and not for anyone who does not enjoy books about pain, humiliation, non-consensual situations, multiple partners, etc. There are nine shorts, with each reading as a new chapter (and sold separately as individual stories). My review covers them all as a whole.

With that being said ……….

emo 5Alex is catching hell from his mother. He is eighteen and has recently graduated high school. He has no desire to go to college as he’s never been the greatest student. His mother rides him to go to college or get a job and do it now. Finally tired of her nagging, he gets on Craigslist and starts applying for every job he sees. Some he applies for are aren’t positions he’s really interested in, as they seem to be in the sex trade but he applies anyway. When a little time goes by and there are no responses from any of the applications, he gets a job in retail that he hates with a passion. About the time he’s ready to tell his new boss to fuck off, he gets a call about an interview for another position – one he had applied for on Craigslist. Being young and more than a little naive, he neglects to ask what the position entails. Arriving for the interview a few days later, he gets much more than he bargained for. He’s asked to strip and is then poked, prodded, and asked a lot of personal questions by a Mr. Dacey. Mr. Dacey is a much older man, mid to late forties maybe?

Alex has a bit of sexual experience with females but he’s never had any interest in men and this is stated quite clearly on his job application with Mr. Dacey. It doesn’t take long into the interview before Alex figuresEmo 6 out that the position he has applied for will include things – sexual things – that make him sick to think about. Then he thinks about the pay – $400 per week – and the fact that he will be given free room and board and finally get away from his demanding mother.  If he lasts three months, he will get a substantial pay increase and his college completely paid for. How hard can it be? Upon leaving the interview, he’s instructed to video himself masturbating and send it back to Mr. Dacey within the week. Already horny from being poked and prodded by Mr. Dacey, he immediately rushes home and does as instructed. When he receives a job offer, he jumps on it and that’s when life as Alex has always known it disappears. The training is intense and he discovers rather quickly that his sole purpose (other than cooking and cleaning) will be to satisfy Mr. Dacey in every way possible and that includes being his sex slave. His job ‘uniform’ is nothing. He must do everything from cooking and cleaning completely nude, and later must even add six-inch stilettos to the mix.

Emo 9Mr. Dacey takes his role as “Master” very seriously. There are punishments if Alex gets out of line and they always include intense pain. Before long, Alex is discovering the joy of gay sex but to the reader it’s obvious that it is more about falling for his Master/Employer. Alex is given almost zero time away from the mansion and Mr. Dacey and his duties. There’s no contact with the outside world and I personally felt Alex was being influenced, brainwashed maybe? to fall for Mr. Dacey as there are no other options. This is Mr. Dacey’s plan, of course, as he wants 100% of Alex’s attention on him at all times.

If Alex dares to defy Mr. Dacey, the punishments are severe. He is given a collar he must wear at all times he’s on duty and is even forced to have sex with others in Mr. Dacey’s presence. The sex with Mr. Dacey is pleasurable for Alex but it always involves bondage and it’s more fucking than making love. It’s all about Mr. Dacey getting off – Alex be damned – though he does take pleasure in a lot of the situations. The Master must keep his slave in line and he does this in a horrible way by knocking him down both mentally and physically. Alex gets to the point where his self-esteem is at an all time low and he feels that he is nothing without his Master’s approval. The moment Alex signs his contract after his three month probationary period is when the story takes a more drastic turn. Any kindness shown to Alex basically disappears and Mr. Dacey (or “Sebastian” as he wants to be called when it’s just he and Alex having sex) goes from being cold to being downright sadistic.Emo 10

Before the probationary period ends, Alex thinks he is prepared for what is to come. He’s not. He has allowed himself to fall in love with Mr. Dacey and will literally do anything and everything to please the other man. But then Mr. Dacey starts bringing women home each night and Alex is forced to watch as he takes each one to his bedroom. After each encounter, Mr. Dacey comes to Alex’s bedroom so that Alex can give him his nightly bath. This goes on for weeks with Alex not allowed to masturbate and Mr. Dacey not coming near him for sex. Only after a particularly nasty encounter with a guest of Sebastian’s, Benjamin, does Alex find out why. Benjamin has been brought in as a guest of Sebastian’s and is allowed to do anything he wants to Alex and when he’s done Alex is left with horrific pain and is humiliated. Sebastian does nothing. When he goes to see Alex in his bedroom later he is informed that the reason he is to remain celibate is because he is to remain “tight” for his annual fetish party. This party becomes Alex’s undoing. He has suffered humiliation, severe pain and punishment. He has been passed around like a whore to Sebastian’s friends. He is disgusted by his life and the person he has become. He has allowed a man to completely destroy him both physically and mentally. Only nothing prepares him for what is to come when he is the entertainment for the fetish party. This is when Alex reaches his breaking point.

Emo 8This book (I’m including each short in that statement as they all go together) has a lot of things that I love. There is a huge age difference between Alex and Mr. Dacey, with Alex being only eighteen and Mr. Dacey being somewhere in his forties. There’s hardcore BDSM, and while I admit that it took me awhile to discover my love for it, I now devour it. Sometimes I love a good erotic story involving multiple partners and this has that in spades. There is sex between two men, three men, four men, three men and a female, straight M/F sex and a couple of big orgies going on involving anyone and everyone. In the middle of it all, there’s always Alex being forced to participate and Sebastian Dacey in the background controlling it all.

When I say that Sebastian is controlling I mean that he controls every single aspect of Alex’s life from what he wears to forced sexual situations. There are some parts of this story that will have you cringing with the force of them. There is forced sex, forced fellatio, severe pain and pretty much everything else that one could imagine. There are times when the reader will hate Sebastian Dacey with every fiber of their being. Alex, however, I felt sorry for. He has a horrible relationship with his mother. Every girl he’s ever been with has abandoned him. He feels that he is inadequate because of his penis size (among other things) and he is in a constant state of self-doubt. Sebastian jumps on this, of course. He wants an “employee” to mold and control and Alex is perfect for that position. Sebastian is cold, he’s mean and he takes great pleasure from watching Alex cry out in pain. He makes it clear that Alex can walk away anytime but he knows that won’t happen. He knows the boy has fallen in love with him and uses that to his advantage. Only when Alex has finally had enough does he take a stand and the reader sees a different side of Sebastian Dacey. While I’m good (for the most part) with the way all of that played out, I would have loved to have seen more groveling on Sebastian’s part.Emo 11

Overall, I really enjoyed this. There are serious editing issues throughout and this should be noted. The word “manhood” is used constantly instead of cock or dick and that (at times) reminded me of the old M/F romance novels that I once read a lot of. However, I also found myself sucked in from the very beginning when I read “Interview” as an Amazon freebie and knew I would be reading the others as well. It will not be for everyone and if you aren’t into major kink and all the other things mentioned in this review, avoid it. This literally has a little bit of everything and if you get off on pain, this is for you. If not, stay away.

“Your mouth says ‘no’, but your body says ‘yes’.” There was an apparent grin in Mr. Dacey’s voice.

Why wouldn’t Mr. Dacey just fire him already? He was fed up with the job. Suddenly, Alex’s crummy retail job didn’t seem so bad.  Maybe he could even get it back if he groveled. Money and a free place to stay weren’t worth being a whore to a billionaire.

Alex had given the job more than a week, and in that week, he had been molested and abused, both physically and mentally.

Between the high-heel shoes and having his balls tied off, Alex didn’t think Mr. Dacey gave two dips about his comfort at any other given time.

Would this be a normal part of being Sebastian’s servant too? Group sex and kinky parties?

Alex depressingly thought to himself. I’m only doing this because I want to be with you. And if this is what it takes, then so be it. Beat me. Torture me. Abuse me. Even kill me if it makes you happy.

It was as if the man whom Alex loved had suddenly been replaced by a sex craved monster hell-bent on hurting Alex to his own satisfaction. Alex realized he was afraid, and it didn’t help to keep the tears back.

There was a desperate need to get up and run – run away before it’s too late. But Alex’s love for Sebastian kept him there, waiting obediently to be punished for merely existing. 

“… under no circumstances are you allowed to use your safety word during the party. It is null and void at this event.”

emo 12“You know what? The only reason I’ve put up with this shit so long is because I love you. And for what? You don’t give a shit about me. You don’t care if I’m happy or sad or in pain. You think you can just keep paying me off like some fucking whore and I’ll stay. Well, I can’t do that anymore. A part of me died in that room tonight.” His words came out bitter and incoherent, spilling thoughtlessly from his mouth until Alex wasn’t even sure what he was saying.

Sebastian just looked at him dumbfounded.

“I withstood the tortures, watching you bring home women, and letting your friends fuck me… because I illogically thought, that if I stuck around long enough, you might actually care about me. That maybe I could… You know what, forget it. Just forget it. Keep your fucking car. I’m not like you. I’m not going to use you for what I want.”

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Kazza K

Well, those pics are freaking awesome. Cindi. I’ll be getting you to research for me after this effort 😀

It sure sounds like a nasty little kink series. Sign me up! Terrific review and ,as they say, caveat emptor.

Lisa H
Lisa H

Great review Cindi. I really liked these stories, too. Congratulations on discovering your love for hardcore BDSM. Welcome to the club…Lol 😀 Your pictures are…WOW

Happy New Year to you and Kazza K. 🙂

Kazza K

Happy New Year to you, Lisa. Hope 2014 is a good one for you.

Cindi is now a card-carrying hardcore kinky-club member after this review- epic!


Just downloaded and anyone know of other kinky-club authors–hardcore but with a story too?

Kazza K

Cindi is having internet problems at the moment so I’ll answer – it depends on what you are after, Cary. There are a few but with different kinks or themes. More BDSM or other?


Some nice hard limits in this book and the way you covered it is great. thankyou for posting .

K. Matthew
K. Matthew

I am the author of this book, and I have to say that this is one of the best reviews I’ve ever seen for one of my books. Well done. I love the pictures as well.