Falling Together (The Omega Haven #1) by Claire Cullen

Rating: 4 Stars Publisher: Self Published Genre: Gay Romance Tags: Paranormal - Shifters, Alpha & Omega, [...]

Black Snow by EAB

Rating: 4.25 Stars Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Genre: Gay Romance Tags: High Fantasy, Alt-Historical, Fairy [...]

The Prince’s Consort (Chronicles of Tournai #1), Antonia Aquilante

Rating: 4 Stars Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Genre: Gay Romance  Tags: Alt-Historical, Fantasy, [...]

Orion’s Circle (Sirius Wolves #1), Victoria Sue

Rating: 4 Stars Publisher: Dark Hollows Press Genre: Gay Paranormal Romance Tags: MPreg, Multiple Partners [...]

Cursed Blessings, Lynn Kelling

Rating: 4 Stars Publisher: Forbidden Fiction Genre: Bi/Gay M-Preg Tags: M-Preg, Curse, Some Medical-Type [...]

Bump In The Night (Anthology), Various Authors

Rating:  3.5 Stars Publisher: Riptide Publishing Genre: Gay Erotica Tags: Horror, Forced Sexual Situations, [...]

A Shadow of Wings, Linda Gayle

Rating: 4 Stars Publisher: Linda Gayle Genre: Gay Romance Tags: Contemporary, Mystery, Paranormal - [...]

Heartstrings (Chronicles of Ylandre #4), Eressë

Rating: 5 Stars Publisher: Liquid Silver Books Genre: Gay Romance Tags: Sci-Fantasy, M-Preg, Fantasy, [...]