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Author Post and Excerpt: Mary, Queen of Scotch, Rob Rosen

  Which comes first, the book title or the story concept? In the case of my latest novel, Mary, Queen of [...]

Blogversary Author Post, Excerpt & Giveaway: Karrie Roman

  I read and enjoyed Karrie Roman's Saved about eighteen months ago. I looked the other day and noticed I [...]

Blogversary Author Post & Giveaway: Dylan the Bad Boy Reindeer & His Virtuous Mate, Candi Kay

  It's that time of year again. On Top Down Under is celebrating another anniversary. Yay! Congrats on 6 [...]

Blogversary Author Post & Giveaway: Behind The Story of Us, Barbara Elsborg

. I’ve never set out to write a story that went into detail about a teenager’s life until I wrote The Story [...]

Blogversary Author Post: Writing and Resistance and a Hell of a Muse, Jess Whitecroft

  I invited Jess Whitecroft on last year for our 5th blog anniversary because, after reading a couple of [...]

Blogversary Author Post, Flash Fiction & Giveaway: Sloan Parker

      Three Word Scenario   Congratulations on your 6th anniversary, Kazza and [...]

Blog-Versary Author Post & Giveaway: Kevin Klehr – When Worlds Collide

    When Worlds Collide by Kevin Klehr   First off, I’m honoured to be part of On Top Down [...]

Blogversary Author Post & Except: Save a Horse, Dive a Cowboy, Kayla Jameth

    It's very fitting to have Kayla Jameth back on the blog for our 6th blog anniversary. [...]

On Top Down Under Turns 6: Schedule of Events

  On October 6, 2018, On Top Down Under Book Reviews celebrates its 6th anniversary. In 2012, two total [...]

Book Promo: Drifting Sands by C J Baty

     Amazon US | Amazon UK Available for the first time in Kindle Unlimited   Length: 211 [...]

Gavin Atlas Interview

First of all, I'd like to thank Gavin Atlas for joining us with news about re-releases, new books and a free read - [...]

Author Post : Tap-Dancing the Minefields, Lyn Gala

It’s hard to think that seven years ago I was hovering over my computer hitting refresh on Amazon and Goodreads [...]

Blog Tour & Giveaway: Ante Up, Kim Fielding

My Favorite Monsters Hi, I’m Kim Fielding, and I have a new book releasing in two days. As if that wasn’t [...]

Blog Tour: Tender Mercies by Eli Easton

Tender Mercies Mood board By Eli Easton I’m celebrating the release of TENDER MERCIES, a romance set on a farm [...]

Blog Versary: Lynn Kelling Author Post & Giveaway

  Why I Write Romance Lynn Kelling It’s a question I’ve gotten a lot, and which I’ve run through my mind [...]

Blog-Versary Author Post: C.L. Mustafic

So the other day I was talking to my seventy-two year old mother on the phone when she asked me where she could [...]

Blog-versary: Elizabeth Noble Author Post – Hurt/Comfort + Book Excerpt & Giveaway

Hurt/Comfort It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Ends Up Wearing a Cone! That’s a cute little saying [...]

Blog-Versary Author Post & Giveaway: Mason Thomas

Character Building, Gamer Style Mouse, the main character in my first novel, existed long before he ended up on [...]

Blog-Versary: Author Post & Excerpt, Ridley Harker, Parasite

. Ridley Harker: On Villains and Monsters . It started when I was young. Like most kids I sat glued to the TV [...]

Blog-Versary: Author Post, Jess Whitecroft

This year I had the pleasure, quite by accident, of picking up These Violent Delights by an author I had never heard [...]

Blog-Versary Author Post & Giveaway: The Music of a Love Story, Sloan Parker

  The Music of a Love Story by Sloan Parker A big thank-you to Kazza and Cindi for having me on the blog [...]

Blog-Versary: A Note of Thanks by Mickie B. Ashling: Third Son, Excerpt & Giveaway

A Note of Thanks by Mickie B. Ashling I can’t believe it’s been twelve months since I was last here helping Cindi [...]

Blog-Versary Author Post: Depression and Writing, Jacqueline Rohrbach

  Today we have Jacqueline Rohrbach joining us with a blog anniversary author post. The subject is [...]

Blog-Versary: Author Post & Giveaway by Andrew Grey

Congrats to H.B. for winning the giveaway! Heart Unseen was chosen as the winning book. Thank you to everyone who [...]

Blog-Versary Post: Welcome Back to Willy’s World, Candi Kay

Welcome Back to Willy's World! It's that time of year again. Not only does On Top Down Under Book Reviews celebrate [...]

Blog-Versary Hours of the Night Author Post, Excerpt & Giveaway: Irene Preston & Liv Rancourt

First, I want to thank Kazza & Cindi for having us as a guest on their blog. Irene and I are excited to be part [...]

Author Post: Off the Beaten Path, Cari Z

Whoa, Life Comes At You Fast! So, if you’re following along on this blog tour, you might notice these original [...]

On Top Down Under Turns 5! Our Blog-Versary

On October 6, 2017, On Top Down Under Book Reviews celebrates our 5th anniversary. In 2012, two total strangers - [...]

Book Tour : The Layover Roe Horvat

  The Layover is my first-born novella. Therefore, like a typical new parent, I’m anxious, [...]

Release Day Post + Giveaway: Paragon, Soren Summers

  The other day I hid an ad on Facebook, because that’s a thing we have to do now. But then the system [...]

Book Tour & Giveaway : Daimonion, J P Jackson

Title:  Daimonion Series: The Apocalypse, Book 1 Author: J.P. Jackson Publisher:  NineStar Press Release Date: [...]

Blog Tour: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway, Gnarly by Mickie B. Ashling

Thanks for stopping by to help me celebrate my latest release, Gnarly, a long novella, which is part of [...]

Book Tour & Author Post: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch by L.A. Merrill

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Author L.A. Merrill Talks Summer Reading Challenges and Her New Novella I grew up [...]

Author Post by Tali Spencer : Breaking the Ice

Wis-Kaaansin People in Pennsylvania smile at the way I talk. Sometimes I talk funny, it seems, though I never [...]

Candi Kay: 3rd Publishing Anniversary

. The above are the first words I believe I read in Taking Lance, and by Candi Kay. The perve in me was intrigued [...]

Author Post: Swift for the Sun, Karen Bovenmyer

  Karen’s Writing Process: Quick Tricks for Crafting Compelling Characters. As a discovery writer and [...]

Author Post: Plot Bunnies – Unspeakable Words by Sarah Madison

People often ask me where I get my ideas for my stories. We as writers frequently joke about plot bunnies, as [...]

Author Post: Wallaçonia by David Pratt

  A funny thing happened on the way to Wallaçonia. In 2013, as my second novel was accepted for [...]

Author Post & Excerpt: The Sparky by Marek Moran

On Top Down Under would like to welcome Marek Moran, who stopped by with an excerpt from his new release, The [...]

Author Post & Excerpt: Countermind by Adrian Randall

  Blog post We love stories about the mind. Think about the most influential genre novels, the most famous [...]

Blog Tour, Excerpt, & Giveaway: Rushing Love by Meg Bawden

Hello, hello! My name is Meg Bawden and I’m on On Top Down Under to celebrate the release of my new book, Rushing [...]

Author Post : A Twisted World by T J Nichols

A twisted world I’ve always loved reading fantasy novels and the way the author could transport the reader to [...]

Author Post: The Shadow Mark by Mason Thomas

      Trading in my Pen for a Sword In the event of an unexpected dragon assault, or if an [...]

Black Sheep Boy: Against All Odds – Author Post + Video Reading by Martin Pousson

  Art that belongs to everyone in general belongs to no one in particular. It has no more conviction than the [...]

Erotic Love & Carnal Sins Book Blitz: Cameron D. James & Sandra Claire

Title:  Erotic Love and Carnal Sins: Confessions of a Priest Author: Cameron D. James and Sandra Claire Publisher: [...]

bare: Release Day Post With Lynn Kelling

  Blog Tour Home Page  Kazza's Review Naked at First Sight. The dating process is all about a slow reveal [...]

Blog-Versary: Soren Summers Author Post Monster, Keep Running + Giveaway

When Running is the Only Option I wrote Monster in a time of great insecurity. I was a young, relatively clean, [...]

Author Post: A J Rose – Reaping Havoc at Halloween + Giveaway

 Reaping Havoc at Halloween. AJ Rose Book two of the Reaping Havoc series opens with the annual Reaper Convention [...]

Blog-versary Post & Giveaway: Mickie B. Ashling, What Inspires a Story

*** Congrats to LISA for winning the giveaway! Thank you to Mickie B. Ashling for the great post and to all who stopped [...]

Blog-versary Author Post Keegan Kennedy & Excerpts: The Harbinger

Keegan Kennedy Unleashed – the interview. So, what possessed a BDSM gay erotica author to write a post-apocalyptic [...]

Blog-versary Author Post & Giveaway: Sloan Parker, Creativity, Disappointment, and Rediscovering the Joy of Writing

Creativity, Disappointment, and Rediscovering the Joy of Writing. By Sloan Parker Thank you, Kazza and Cindi, for [...]

Blog-verary Author Post : Kayla Jameth, Pets Draw Us Together, Excerpt + Giveaway

Pets Draw Us Together Kayla Jameth Hi Kazza and Cindi. Thank you so much for hosting me today. And Happy [...]

Blog-versary Author Post : Elizabeth Noble, The Vampire Guard + Giveaway

Thank you Kazza and Cindi for including me in your blog-versary! It’s always such a joy to me to see a review of [...]

Blog-versary Author Post: Lynn Kelling, Would You Face Your Deepest Fear?

  Would you face your deepest fear? Lynn Kelling What’s the most uncomfortable act you would agree to do? [...]

Blog-Versary Post: Cardeno, It Was Always You OneNTen Anthology + Giveaway

  Thanks so much to On Top Down Under for letting me participate in the blog anniversary celebration. This [...]

Blog-versary: Jason Lloyd Author Post & Giveaway – OUTober

*** Congrats to JAMES K for winning Queer Dirty Laundry and Salty Aftertaste! Thank you to all who entered and to [...]

Blog-versary Author Post : Scott D Pomfret, Half a Man

Half a Man. Scott D. Pomfret   A threadbare tongue, English hasn’t names enough for the multiple ways a [...]

Release Day Post by Devon McCormack: Weight of the World

Genre Hopping: the Deranged, the Perverse, and the Love   by   Devon McCormack   I have to hand [...]

Only the Lonely Excerpt: Lynn Kelling

Blurb: Novella (16000 words) Prequel in Twin Ties series Genre: Drama, Gay, Erotica Lynn Kelling's Only the [...]

Excerpt & Giveaway: Lying Bastard by Devon McCormack

**NSFW** New Release: Lying Bastard Thank you so much Cindi and Kazza for having me on On Top Down Under Book [...]

Blog-Versary : Devon McCormack Author Post & Giveaway

**NSFW INTERVIEW** Today we are excited to have Devon McCormack join us with his interesting and wonderfully named [...]

Blog-Versary Author Post, Excerpt and Giveaway: Kimber Vale

  Today we have Kimber Vale joining us for our 3 year blog anniversary celebrations with an author post, [...]

Blog-Versary Post : Let’s Raise A Glass + Giveaway, Kevin Klehr

Another Aussie joins us on the blog today, Kevin Klehr - and a Sydneysider as well. Go, us :) We thank Kevin for [...]

Kayla Jameth : How Much Sex Is Enough? Author Post and Giveaway

Today Kayla Jameth joins On Top Down Under Book Reviews for our 3 year blog anniversary celebrations with a post she's [...]

Release Day Author Post & Giveaway: More Than Most, Sloan Parker

5 Behind-the-Story Moments Writing MORE THAN MOST (More Book 2) by Sloan Parker   One of the things I love [...]

Guest Post & Giveaway: Daniel A. Kaine

      Welcome everyone to day ten of the Slasherazzi blog tour, and thanks for having me. As [...]

David Pratt: Author Spotlight, Looking After Joey

Today we have a Q&A with the wonderfully talented (and rather gorgeous) author, David Pratt. I think this is one of [...]

Cardeno C Excerpt, He Completes Me (Home Series)

  . . If you have never read a Cardeno C book and thought you might like to, but weren’t sure about [...]