Bear It All, Deanna Wadsworth

Bear It AllRating: 4 Teddy Bear Stars

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Genre:  Gay Romance

Tags: Bear and Twink, Contemporary

Length:  55 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At: Decadent Publishing,



 He might like a bear, but he wanted a teddy not a grizzly.


 Official Blurb –

Travis hired 1 Night Stand hoping for a hot encounter with a sexy older, hairy man, someone to make him feel safe and cherished, and John looks custom made to order.

After losing his partner three years ago, John needs to learn how to open his heart and live again. He thinks a one night stand in the Caribbean might be the answer, but when he sees the young, thin and much smaller Travis, he thinks the agency sent the wrong man.

Can desire overcome misunderstanding when these two bear it all? Or will both men walk away from exactly what they need and desire?


The Review –

Okay, so this e-book definitely delivers what the official blurb says it will. The only thing is, there is so much more heart thrown into the mix than the blurb can possibly tell you.

Travis Hunter has spent the last year studying for his bar exam. He decides to reward himself with a couple of nights of hot passion through a service called 1NightStand, where you put your order in for a man to suit your tastes. He heads off to the Turks and Caicos Islands for his date and holiday. John Godfrey’s partner died three years ago and he has decided it’s time to take that next step in his life, although he is unsure. He has also chosen someone through 1NightStand and is off to Grand Turk to meet them. 

When the book opens Travis is eyeing the sexy Bear by the pool and knows this is John, his date for a steamy encounter. The thing is, when he identifies himself to John, John has a less than stellar reaction to Travis. John goes upstairs, shoots an email off to 1NightStand and tells them he wants his money back, this is not who he asked for. He requested someone older, and bigger. This man is too young, too small…too cute for someone like John. Travis got exactly what he wants and it hurts to have someone walk away from him like this, to be rejected. But Travis is resolute and he decides he is going to confront John and see what is going on and why he reacted like he did.

From here the book goes into sexual overdrive and it suits it wonderfully. Yep. A lot of sex, but in between you learn quite a bit about the two main characters and their feelings. Why they are there and what they think and feel about one another. It is all well done via alternating POV.

So, if you like stories where –

There’s an age difference – seventeen years here. Travis is twenty five and John is forty two.

It pulls just right at the heartstrings Travis is hurt when John initially rejects him – he thinks he is not John’s type and this stings –

He watched in shock as his dream date walked away. What the hell happened? Was he that much of a disappointment? 

There is a slight misunderstanding (initially) to gain some intensity. John can’t believe that aSexy guy with singlet bear like him – tummy, much older, hairy body and all – can attract such a hot twink like Travis –

The kind of guy John could never have. He’d learned long ago, those adorable twinks were look-don’t-touch. 

There is a some sadness to the MC’s backstory, but it isn’t laboured – Travis has been through an uncaring foster system and he wants someone to feel loved and safe with, but so far he hasn’t had anyone care about him. John lost his partner to cancer – 

For so long he had been terrified to venture down the dating road and risk getting attached or falling in love. He’d convinced himself he couldn’t live through the grief of losing someone he loved again. 

A character looking at moving forward with their life with a potential new career, and maybe finding the right partner –

Tall and hairy were a must. Sweet, handsome. Older than him by at least ten years. A smartSexy guy bear 1 man if he could have one.

He’d tired himself out trying to get his friends to understand the security and warmth older men represented. How awesome it felt to be dwarfed by a lover. 

There is some well written insta-lust – I like insta-attraction when done right and I thought it was done all kinds of right here.

There is emotion with the sex making it so much more-

John took a shaky breath before trailing his tongue and lips up and down the smooth shaft. Travis trembled beside him, hands caressing the slight roundness of John’s belly. He should have been self-conscious of those extra few pounds, but the way Travis ran his hands hungrily over his abdomen made him feel like the sexiest man alive. How such a simple act could make him feel that amazed him. As if he’d been asleep all his life and Travis had finally awakened him.  


AndFinally –

This is my second Deanna Wadsworth Book, the first being the fan-damn-tastic Easy Ryder, and I’ve noticed a common thread – they both have this incredible depth of emotion to the characters. Deanna Wadsworth’s characters reduce you to noises. Cue the following as examples – Bear It All has moments where you just can’t help but let out an “awww,” because it’s nice, and an “awww?” because something has made you feel for one, if not both, of the characters. And then there is an “mmm” because it is freaking sexy – Deanna Wadsworth writes awesome sex scenes that have some intensity or emotion. Within the first five pages I was attached to Travis, soon after I fell for John. I really liked both MCs and I only spent 55 pages with them. I bought the insta-attraction, and by the end I was counting on an invite to their wedding – not that that was mentioned, I just added that one in myself. See? Sucked right in.

Highly recommended for those who know what to expect in a M/M short dealing with guys using a mythical sex/dating service and a bear/twink combo in the Caribbean. It’s always going to be a sexy romp, but this one has an extra layer or two. I really enjoyed myself with Travis and his teddy bear, John.

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Love the age difference. Love the bear/twink. REALLY love the pics. Love the review. It looks like a great, sexy short. Adding it now. 😀


I am gonna get sooooooo broke. I just made the observation that myFB news feed is looking more an more like an online bookstore (with great pics as well)


Whoa boy. Go the scenery.


Oh dear, swoon,