Webcam Interview: Keegan Kennedy

West Texas RivalryToday, On Top Down Under has a webcam interview with writer Keegan Kennedy.

Keegan Kennedy is best known as an erotic author and has had a very prolific career since first publishing two years ago. Kazza has read several of Keegan’s shorts and novellas/short novels, several of which you will find here on the blog. I plan on reading more as time permits. There is a link here to my reviews of his books on this blog. Please note, the reviews are strictly NSFW as they have adult pictures that form part of the review. 

Keegan Kennedy’s books are mostly gay adult erotic writing and fiction. They may contain themes of Domestic Discipline, bondage, kidnapping, Daddy-kink and fetishes. A Very Campy Christmas is a satire. I like Keegan Kennedy’s work because he isn’t afraid to explore fantasies and kinks and he creates characters I have been invested in as well. Kazza has enjoyed Keegan’s books but advises people to read the premise and see what they think will / may suit them. I stress that they are adult erotica reading and you must be of legal age to read them and to enter my reviews. 

I really want to thank Keegan for being so charming, honest and open in his interview with me, and for sharing his experiences, including those that are personal. It is interesting to hear his stories as a self-publisher author, I think it inspires and gives other authors motivation.

Keegan Kennedy’s Amazon page here

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Magnificent Pretense





















A Very Campy Christmas







To help get us in the mood – 

Naked cocks duelling



On top Down Under welcomes Keegan Kennedy – 



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Keegan Kennedy

Thanks, sweetie! I really appreciate your support! If you need anything, please let me know.

Fantastic interview! As a southern girl (Alabama) I totally get what was said about the people who get ridiculous over southern slang, etc., among other things. For you to mention V.C. Andrews … I used Flowers in the Attic (and the sequels) as an example when Kazza and I were complaining about the censorship recently. She and I have discussed it at length privately and we both have very strong opinions on that. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting with us Keegan. This was a great interview and I found myself saying “Yes! I feel that way too!” many times… Read more »
Keegan kennedy

Thanks Cindi, it was my pleasure!!!