Andy, Go-Go Boy (Working Boys #2), J.P Barnaby

Andy Go-Go BoyRating: 4.5 Stars

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Genre:  Gay Erotic Romance

Tags: Ex Marine, Italian (Yes!) Student, Stripper With Heart, Series, Contemporary 

Length:  44 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At: Wilde City Press,


Thank you J. P Barnaby. My blog partner and I love Italian men. Stefan gives me an excuse to add some nice Italian men to the review.  


Official Blurb:

Andy Finnegan is a six foot three brown-haired, blue-eyed, Mack f*cking truck. A former marine who spends his nights dancing for your entertainment, he has a dark side hiding beneath the beautiful veneer.

Sweet little Stefan is awestruck by the big, gorgeous dancer with the rock hard abs and the lonely eyes. Determined to see what lurks behind the perfect surface, he gets a little more than he bargained for. 

My Review:

The blurb says a lot. I’ll just add some thoughts and some pictures. Andy is Jock Strap 3an ex Marine. He now dances/strips at a local club for a living. He likes being watched. Why not? He goes to the gym and he takes care of his body…and he looks hot in a jock strap. He also likes guys who take care of themselves like he does. The next time he dances, Nick Hartley from Raging Hearts Entertainment will be there and Andy hopes to have a financial offer to be in porn. Like everyone else, he has bills to pay and dancing only gives him enough for his apartment and the gym, with the bare minimum left over. He is sick of living like that. So porn is a real opportunity to make some good moolah

Andy has learned to bury his feelings and erect some walls to make things tight and neat. Plenty of guys to fuck and no connections formed.

“I think I’m going to hit the sauna,” Andy said, which every gay man knew was universal code for “follow me and come get some.”

And that message is picked up loud and clear at the gym by two guys.   Mmm, hmm, one guy getting fucked, another watching – no connection, just fucking things out of Andy’s system.  

Thing is, Andy may have plans, he may feel like he is in control, but he doesn’t count on other circumstances making things more complex than Italian Sexy Guy 2he considered. Everything is colliding – his friend Dunker turning up and seeing him dance and (with good intentions) feeling Andy could do better than dancing in a bar. Hartley, the porn entrepreneur, wanting to fuck him and perhaps put him in his movies. Making the money he needs to survive. A cute guy in the blue and white striped shirt (Stefan) looking so much like Vince, his lost partner from the Marines and of the heart. And his ability to stay stable and keep everything under control. Which he is now losing as his desire for Stefan is clashing with his desire to earn a living, but porn and a partner are not often compatible –

Jesus, he didn’t want to be here for another hour. He didn’t want to go back to the hotel room with Hartley. He didn’t even want to look at this boy who reminded him so forcefully of everything he’d lost.

What he wanted was for it all to stop.

Stefan is a lovely character. He’s an Italian student who has been coming Italian Sexy Guy Quote 1into the bar for weeks and watching the sexy Andy dance unnoticed. This time Andy does notice him, and once he does, Andy is hooked. There has been a few things going through his mind and seeing Stefan raises them to a more conscious level. Stefan is a nice character and they make a good pairing. The sweet but sure student and the inwardly insecure but outwardly big, strong  ex Marine. Stefan definitely reads Andy to a tee –

“Up on stage, you play it up for the people, but underneath, you look sad. I’ve been here every Friday for weeks, and it’s always the same. How can someone so beautiful look so lonely?”

But there are reasons, and while this is a short novella you get the gist. I hope J P Barnaby expands on this pair one day. 



This was such a good read. Short at 44 pages, but it packs a lot more in than the page count would suggest. Andy is well fleshed out – taking into account that this is romantica – and goes from someone I felt appeared narcissistic in the beginning to someone with doubts and genuine reasons to appear outwardly one way and inwardly another. Struggling to make ends meet, with a good heart. Stefan was definitely interesting and sweet. This is the second book in the Working Boys series and I liked it even more than book #1, Charlie Rentboy. Highly recommend for those who love a short, sexy, romantica.

Review copy supplied by Wilde City press.

 “Ti prego me cazzo.”

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Yes, you and your blog partner definitely do love Italian men.


The GIF and photos are hot. I adore Stefan and I haven’t even read the book. I can tell I’d totally love this series. Added to my ever-growing TBR.

JP Barnaby

I”m not sure which I liked more – the review, or the pictures that went along with it. I was a huge Travis fan back in the day… (Travis is the bottom in the animated gif). Also, I am incredibly thankful for my Italian readers who helped me with the little phrases that spill out of Stefan’s sweet mouth when he was too aroused to remember his English. 😉 Seriously, though – thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Andy. He’s very special to me.


Hoo arhh. I’m onto this. Thanks for the review. Travis from CF. I miss him. That boy could cum with no hands on. Good taste. 😉