Santa Gets His Man (Heartwarming), Julian Balfour

Santa Gets His ManRating: 3 Stars

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre: Gay Romance

Tags:  Christmas, HFN, Short Story

Length: 47 Pages

Reviewer: Cindi

Purchase At: Dreamspinner Press,


Official Blurb:

When Mark Wright is pressed into being a mall Santa on Christmas Eve, his life is changed forever. Six-year-old Trevor Robinson has his Uncle Jack in tow—the same man Mark had a crush on at Asheville High School fifteen years earlier. Jack tells Santa his Christmas fantasy: “… to spend the holiday with an incredible guy who turns me on and does all kinds of naughty and wonderful things to my body.” How can Santa resist that challenge?



The blurb really describes the gist of the story so I will make this short and sweet. That’s rare for me I know, but the story wasn’t that long.

When Mark meets young Trevor while he is playing Santa at the mall, he immediately recognizes Trevor’s uncle as Jack Hardy, Mark’s crush from high school. Fifteen years earlier, Mark was nothing like he is now. Back then, he was overweight and had been bullied by his classmates. His only happy memory of school was Jack. Jack was the Mr. Everything of the school. You know who Mr. Everything is. Every school has one. He’s the star athlete. He dates the most beautiful girl. He’s popular and loved by all. I remember the one from my own school and I actually raised one in my oldest son. Jack, regardless of his popularity, was kind to Mark when no one else was. Not only was he gorgeous but he never treated anyone badly. 

Jack doesn’t recognize Mark in his Santa costume and that’s just as well. Not only is he wearing the red suit and beard, but he’s no longer the heavy kid that he was in high school. When “Santa” asks what “Uncle Jack” wants for Christmas, Jack tells him his fantasy of spending the holiday with an incredible guy who does all kinds of naughty and wonderful things to his body. Mark quickly devises a plan and tells Jack to show up at a specific address later that evening. Mark does and this is where the story begins. It’s also where it got to be a little – I guess I would say odd? –  for a bit. I would like to say why but unfortunately that would be a spoiler and with the short length of this story, that wouldn’t be fair to other readers. Suffice it to say that Mark gets to finally act out a quick fantasy that he’s had for over fifteen years – only not in the way one would expect.

Santa Gets His Man is not that long but the reader gets just enough information about the characters to not feel as if they are missing too much. There is a reference to grits in the story that only a true southerner (like me!) would appreciate. 😀  This story is not even remotely realistic so go into it expecting to walk away from reality for a bit. 

Overall, a nice Christmas short.


This short story was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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Kazza K

Well, that sounds intriguing…I want to know what he got. This is a Christmas quickie! 😀