Scanty Santa, Troy Storm

Scanty SantaRating: 3.5 Stars 

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre:  Gay Erotica

Tags:  Christmas Themed Anthology, Stripper, Contemporary Setting 

Length:  30 Pages

Reviewer: Kazza K

Purchase At: Dreamspinner Press,


This Story: Scanty Santa


I have read four of the stories out of the DSP 2013 Advent Calendar – Heartwarming Anthology. I am giving each one I have read its own review as I am sure that my ratings will vary according to the story.



The hot guy from just down the road is dressed in a skimpy outfit and looking under the bonnet of his car. He is ripped in all the right places and the clothing shows it off. Evan has noticed him when he’s been out running but isn’t sure that the guy remembers him.

Nothing like being neighbourly when your hot neighbour looks like the guy in the Scanty Santa suit. The guy is out of petrol and Evan asks if he would like a lift – which is a godsend for hot Santa. He works out pretty quickly that the hot neighbour is possibly a stripper, and what do you know, he is right. Hot Santa is off to strip for some nurses at the local medical centre who have pulled the Christmas shift. He needs the money, things are tough financially and this is his gig at the moment. When hot neighbour is stripping down to his sparkly G-string – and believe me Evan is appreciative of his moves and the view – he notices a “suit” watching and thinks there could be trouble. But it turns out the “suit” has a private party for some gay guys that is boring and in need of spicing up. The hot Scanty Santa act could be just the ticket but he would like Evan to be part of the act as well. Evan’s not too sure, compared to the hot neighbour he feels less-than. But the hot-neighbour won’t take no, he has another outfit with him and Evan finds himself in a naughty elf costume that is a bit big but, whatever, it’s easy enough to take off and get down to the G-string, right?

It is at the second party that things get pretty wild and what starts out as artistic difference between the men ends up being a voyeuristic show. Evan does things he never thought he would and gets off.

He reached around, biceps bulging, and his big hands closed around my dick. Slowly, he jacked me off with bothTwo guys together naked kissing hands as his hips slammed into my ass, and we slowly revolved, grinding, jacking to the music, so everybody could get a look. I came like a son of a bitch, spraying the first two rows of insanely cheering guys.

It is the cementing of a firm, hard friendship…and they even get to know each others names! Bonus.

This short is erotic reading with a happy outcome. The two leads are pretty likeable, although you don’t get much character development as it is truly short. But let’s be honest, this story is what it is, an erotic short to get your cockles well and truly warmed up.

If you like a bit of man-on-man with an audience, a striptease, a bit of a insta-romance, and some nice leads. If you like erotic Christmas writing  – yes, it now has a category – then Scanty Santa is quick and well worth reading. Ho, ho, ho.

“You were hot stuff,” his voice was a rough purr.

“I don’t even know your name,” I croaked….

Review copy supplied by Dreamspinner Press in return for an honest review

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Well, Ho! Ho! Ho! … and now I can say I have a new favorite GIF. 😉 I will definitely be reading this. I love a good ‘stripper’ story and an audience is always sexy as hell.

Great review.


O.O swing dem hips


What’s up to every body, it my first visit of this blog and I luv it.


Awesome site, thanks a lot !!